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Alberta Celebrates Recreation and Parks Month

Recreation and Parks Month is a great reminder for Albertans to stay active and enjoy the many recreation opportunities and spaces the province offers.

Every June, recreation service providers and park authorities across Canada celebrate the return of summer programming, recognize volunteers, get people involved in fun outdoor activities and encourage local support for parks and recreation.

People are encouraged to connect with their local recreation department, community league or community recreation group for events taking place in June and beyond.

The province’s provincial parks are also open for another summer of fun and enjoyment.

International Trails Day

Complementing Recreation and Parks Month, International Trails Day was marked on June 1 – an annual celebration of trails, trail development and the healthy lifestyle they help encourage. The province’s large network of trails is one of the best places to go for a stroll, which is great news for the many Albertans who enjoy walking. According to the 2017 Alberta Recreation Survey, it is the most popular active living activity among adults (80 per cent).

Recreation Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Government of Alberta’s Recreation Volunteer Recognition Awards program helps acknowledge and celebrate individuals who support recreation throughout the province. Awards are presented each year to up to four Albertans who have made significant contributions to recreation in a community, or otherwise advanced the development of recreation in Alberta.

The 2019 awards are now open and the deadline for nominations is June 30. Award recipients will be honoured at the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association conference, workshop and awards banquet in October.

Quick facts

  • Among Albertans, there is near consensus that:
    • Parks, open spaces and trails provide opportunities to enjoy nature (99 per cent).**
    • Recreation creates opportunities for families to spend time together (99 per cent).**
    • Recreation encourages children and youth to be active, and contributes to physical health (98 per cent).*
  • Popular Alberta activities among adults include:
    • Swimming (80 per cent)
    • Gardening (55 per cent)
    • Bicycling (46 per cent)
    • Aerobics (44 per cent)
    • Jogging/running (32 per cent).
  • Participation in water activities by individuals increased, from 35 per cent in 2013 to 47 per cent in 2017. Participation in water-based activities is especially high in northern Alberta.
  • Roughly 96 per cent of Albertans identified recreation facilities and services as being important to the quality of life.*
  • In the past 12 months, nearly 34 per cent of Albertans have done volunteer work connected to sport, culture, recreation or parks.