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List of All Current South Asian MP’s In Canada

List of all Desi MPs in Canada

Canadian Desi’s have come a long way from the times when they weren’t allowed to vote to now, when a Canadian Desi is leading a major federal party. More on this struggle some other day in a different series of articles.

All see List of All Current South Asian MLAs/MPPs In Canada

The following is a list of current South Asian Origin Member of Parliament in Canada. This list would change depending on how the elections in 2019 go, however we are working on another list that would comprise of all the Canadian Desi’s that have served the Parliament as a Member in the past so stay tuned for that! Some interesting facts on this list are:

  • There are a total of 23 MPs in Canada that are of South Asian Origin out of the 338 seats which is about 6.8% ratio.
  • As of 2016, population of South Asians in Canada is 1.96 Million which is 5.4% of the total Canadian Population.
  • 18 of these MPs are from Liberal Party, 2 MPs are from Conservative and 1 MP from NDP. The other two Independent MPs once belonged to Liberal as well.
  • The ratio of these South Asian MPs are: 78% Liberal, 8.69% Conservative, 4.34% NDP and 8.69% Independent.
  • In Contrast, the ratio of Candidates across all other ethnicities in Canada is as follows: Liberal at 53.25%, followed by Conservatives at 28.70% and NDP at 12%. Independents are at 1.18%.
S.No.NamePartyElectoral District
1Deepak ObhraiConservativeCalgary Forest Lawn
2Darshan KangIndependentCalgary Skyview
3Amarjeet SohiLiberalEdmonton Millwoods
4Jagmeet SinghNDPBurnaby South
5Jatinder SidhuLiberalMission/ Matsqui /Fraser Canyon
6Randeep SaraiLiberalSurrey Centre
7Sukh DhaliwalLiberalSurrey-Newton
8Harjit SajjanLiberalVancouver South
9Ramesh SanghaLiberalBrampton Centre
10Raj GrewalIndependentBrampton East
11Ruby SahotaLiberalBrampton North
12Sonia SidhuLiberalBrampton South
13Kamal KheraLiberalBrampton West
14Raj SainiLiberalKitchener Centre
15Bob SaroyaConservativeMarkham/ Unionville
16Iqra KhalidLiberalMississauga—Erin Mills
17Navdeep BainsLiberalMississauga—Malton
18Gagan SikandLiberalMississauga—Streetsville
19Chandra AryaLiberalNepean
20Arif ViraniLiberalParkdale—High Park
21Salma ZahidLiberalScarborough Centre
22Bardish ChaggerLiberalWaterloo
23Anju Dhillon

All see List of All Current South Asian MLAs/MPPs In Canada

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