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Jason Kenney’s UCP wins Majority Government

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney is the new Premier of Alberta. UCP won over 51% popular vote and swept 63 out of 87 seats. Almost a month of drama in the Provincial Elections with several mud-sledging incidents within candidates, the people of Alberta have given their mandate. Lets analyze how these elections went and how many Desi MLA’s (South Asian origin) were elected

Jason Kenney who is previously a 7 time Member of Parliament having served several federal ministerial positions, in other words, a very heavy weight federal politician finally turned towards provincial elections in 2017 winning a by-election in Calgary-Lougheed.

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On the other hand, in 2015, Rachel Notley became the premier of the first NDP government in Alberta when she was elected then. However, NDP is now reduced to the official opposition with less than 30 seats.

Ex-Premier Rachel Notley

No Centrist – Only Left and Right Politics in Alberta

The most shocking part of the elections were Stephen Mendal’s Alberta Party in addition to David Khan’s Liberal Party, which couldn’t win a single seat. However, Alberta Party did secure 10% majority votes. With this, Alberta becomes one of the only province to only have two parties – official government and official opposition.

Stephen Mandel (Alberta Party)/ David Khan (Alberta Liberal)

Statement from the Prime Minister of Canada:

“Albertans have chosen to elect a majority government led by the United Conservative Party.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my sincere congratulations to Jason Kenney who will have the honour and privilege to serve as Premier.

“I look forward to working with the provincial government to create good, middle class jobs, build infrastructure, and grow the businesses and industries at the heart of Alberta’s prosperity so the province can remain competitive in our changing economy.

“Together, we will address issues of importance to Albertans and all Canadians, including supporting canola producers, and taking decisive action on climate change while getting our natural resources to market.

“I also thank Rachel Notley for her years of service as Premier.”

In Addition, Jason Kenney’s address to Albertan’s after the big win:

Kenney entered the Calgary based UCP headquarters, in his signature blue pickup truck. As a “build that pipe” chant went up in the room, the UCP leader stopped the crowd to correct them. It’s not just one pipeline we need, it’s several, he said. “It’s build those pipes,” said Kenney after his big win.

“Today, we Albertans begin to fight back.”

Kenney’s victory marked the culmination of almost a 3 years-long plan. The 2015 election saw the Progressive Conservatives, who had governed the province since 1971, hobbled by a split with the breakaway Wildrose Party. Vote-splitting between the two right-wing parties allowed Notley’s New Democrats to take power for the first time in the province’s history. Watch the full speech of Jason Kenney after winning the elections.

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Record NINE MLA’s of South Asian Origin (Desi MLA’s)

On another note, we at are happy to report that there are a record Nine South Asian origin MLA’s that got elected in this provincial election. More on these nine and other elected representatives to follow!

1.) Calgary North East- Rajan Sawhney (UCP)

2.) Calgary East- Peter Singh (UCP)

3.) Calgary- Edgemont – Prasad Panda (UCP)

4.) Calgary-Falconridge – Devinder Toor (UCP)/Parmeet Singh Boparai (NDP)* Final Count awaited

5.) Calgary-McCall- Ifran Sabir (NDP)

6.) Calgary North- Muhammad Yaseen (UCP)

7.) Edmonton Witemud – Rakhi Pancholi (NDP)

8.) Edmonton Meadows – Jasvir Deol (NDP)

9.) Chestermere-Strathmore – Sharon Leela Aheer (UCP)