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Ranjit Bawa Live in Edmonton 2019-Mixed Response

Ranjit Bawa Live organized by YaarBeli Entertainment In Edmonton

Ranjit Bawa was Live in Edmonton this past weekend and it was touted to be one of the most awaited DESi shows in Edmonton this spring but the overall response was mixed.

Organized by Jaswant Singh, Sukh Hundal, Mandeep Singh and Tej Mundi of YaarBeli Entertainment, the doors opened at 6 pm but Ranjit Bawa didn’t come on stage till 9.00 pm. The occupancy in the 1150 seat South Pointe Community Centre was roughly 60% with most of the back rows empty.

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Nonetheless, the roughly 1 and a half hour that Ranjit Bawa was there, the crowds enjoyed his melodious voice. The performances by local #yeg #desi talent Kamal Swaraaj and Punjabi Folk & Heritage Bhangra group was well received. No incident of fights or drunkard security incidents occurred so kudos to the organizers and the security team.

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It was a show organized by a new team so the above response is not a surprise but whether it was due to lack of marketing by their team or the lack of pull for Ranjit Bawa, that remains to be answered amongst the team. Good luck to YaarBeli Entertainment for future shows though.