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Mobile Photo Radar Vehicles to be more Visible in Edmonton with Bright new Vinyl Wrapping

New Vinyl Wrapped Mobile Photo Radar
Edmontonians will soon be able to better identify speed enforcement vehicles thanks to improved visibility and safety messaging.

The City’s twenty eight-speed enforcement vehicles, known as mobile photo radar, will be clearly marked with highly visible vinyl wrapping or decals, along with a “Drive Safe” message. A flag on a flexible pole will be attached to the vehicles so they can be more easily seen. The installation of the wraps and decals is expected to be completed by January 2020.

“We’ve listened to feedback from Edmontonians about both the visibility and position of our speed enforcement vehicles,” said Jessica Lamarre, Acting Director for Traffic Safety at the City of Edmonton. “Making these vehicles easier to see helps remind everyone that safe driving is the priority on our roads. Reducing speeds reduces collisions, helps move us closer to our Vision Zero goal of zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries and increases the livability of our community.”

Making speed enforcement vehicles more visible is part of the City’s ongoing approach to being open and transparent about managing and enforcing speed. The City provides monthly reports for the number of tickets issued, vehicle speeds, the number of enforcement hours and driver feedback sign information on the Open Data Portal.
Automated speed enforcement is one aspect of the City’s approach to achieving Vision Zero. Other aspects include engineering, education, engagement, and evaluation.

All Locations of Photo Radars in Edmonton