South Asian Canadians

“Get The **** Out of My Country”- Vulgar, racist letter sent to the home of an Indo-Canadian couple in Coquitlam.

A letter filled with expletives and disturbing sexual comments is being described as vulgar, scary, and gross.

The letter apparently mailed to the home of a South Asian Coquitlam couple — and even addressed to one of them, tells them to go “back to their own country.”

The typed up, one-page note in all caps is addressed to S.B. which is the woman’s initials, according to the couple’s adult child, who shared a picture of the letter on the social media site Reddit.

“DARKY IN OUR WHITE MAN’S LAND GET THE F*** OUT OF MY COUNTRY,” is the first line of the letter, which goes on to make racist and sexual comments before saying, “LOTS OF YOU DARKIES HAVE TOO LONG IN MY COUNTRY. GET THE F**** OUT, OR TRUMP WILL SEND HIS GOONS TO DEVOUR YOU.”

credit: u/taegre