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How to scatter cremated ashes in Alberta- new guidelines for South Asians?

While curating this article, we went through a little bit of research online like we do for most of our articles, the result was pretty similar to other issues in Canada curtailing to people from South Asian (Desi) origin. There are usually three types of reactions: People that think Canada is their Country and no rules should be bent for any outsiders, secondly, People that think the beauty of Canada lies in its diversity and they welcome its multi-cultural nature and thirdly, people with South Asian background living in Canada who are sorry about everything in their culture.

So when Government of Alberta decides to bring some clarity on how scattering the cremated ashes can take place in Alberta, it becomes news and pretty much follows the above principles. So, Without much adieu, lets dig in and see what’s happening here:

Scattering ashes wasn’t against the Law

To begin with, it has never been against the law to scatter ashes; Infact, the new guidelines will just provide clarity to families who, in keeping with their cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs (read Hindus and Sikhs), wish to honour their deceased family members lawfully and respectfully.

Cremated ashes may be scattered on unoccupied provincial government-owned Crown land or water, including provincial parks. Care must be taken to ensure that ashes are not scattered near water treatment intakes and facilities, or places where recreational water activities occur.

Acceptable methods of handling cremated remains

Scattering cremated remains in a cemetery with the cemetery operator’s approval.

Scattering cremated remains on private land with a landowner’s permission.

Scattering cremated remains on unoccupied, provincial government-owned Crown land or water (including provincial parks) with no need for government consent.

Guidelines only valid on Provincially owned land and waterways

Be careful though! The new guidelines only apply to provincially owned lands and waterways. Families wishing to scatter cremated remains on federal or municipal land or water should first consult their local governments.

Need more context about cremated ashes? Watch this!